Address change

If you move, you must update your address on both your driver license or ID and vehicle registration within 30 days after changing your address.

Please note:

How to change your address on your driver license or ID

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Residents who are currently REAL-ID compliant (indicated by a star in the top right-hand corner of their driver license or ID), may update their credential online using the online portal.

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In person

This service can be performed at our Orange City or South Daytona branches. Appointments are not required but are suggested. Schedule an appointment online.

Document requirements vary depending on whether or not the customer is currently REAL ID compliant in Florida, which is indicated by a star in the upper right-hand corner of the Florida driver's license or ID card, and their immigration/ residency status. Review what to bring and fees below.

1. Are you real ID compliant?

  • Yes, I have a star: If you are currently REAL ID compliant, you will only need to provide your address change documents (see below).
  • No, I do not have a star or I do not currently have a Florida driver license or ID: If you are not currently REAL ID compliant, you must bring documents that validate your identity, Social Security Number (SSN) and Volusia County residential address.

    For most customers, those documents are:
    1. your birth certificate or passport
    2. your social security card
    3. two proofs of Volusia County residential address

Has your name changed too?

To update your name, you must provide official court documents using the following guidelines:

  • Original documents - not copies - of all name changes are required. Original documents have a stamp or a seal.
  • Marriage certificate(s) or court order that shows how your birth name has changed to the current name.
    • If your name has changed multiple times, bring the document that shows your current name and birth name
    • If the final marriage certificate does not have both names,you will need to bring all documents that show how your name changed from birth name to current name.*

*You must bring documentation for each name change since birth. If you have had a name change at any point in your lifetime, you will need to show documentation of each name change. For example, if you have been married/divorced and your name changed each time, you need documentation for each change no matter how much time has passed.

2. Address change documents

Customers must submit two different documents with their new residential address. Copies are acceptable. Common documents include:

  • Deed, mortgage, monthly mortgage statement, mortgage payment booklet or residential rental/lease agreement
  • Florida Voter Registration Card
  • Florida vehicle registration or title
  • A utility bill or hook up/work order
  • Homeowner’s insurance policy or bill
  • Automobile insurance policy or bill
  • Mail from financial institutions including checking, savings, credit card statements or investment account statements
  • Mail from Federal, State, County or City government agencies.
  • Personal mail that does not list the recipient as “occupant”. Example: Magazines, journals, etc.

Customers who do not have any of the above documents in their name may provide two proofs of residential address from a parent, step-parent, legal guardian or other person with whom they reside and a Certification of Address form (English) (Spanish).

All CLP or CDL applicants must present two proofs of Florida residential address in their name. Applicants can present two proofs from List A or one proof from List A and one proof from List B.

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