Partial payments

Partial payment of current year taxes and assessments may be made on both real and tangible personal property taxes prior to April 1. A partial payment is defined as a payment that is less than the full amount of taxes due. Partial payments may not be accepted for accounts participating in the installment payment plan.

If a taxpayer enters into an agreement with the Tax Collector, a $10 processing fee will be assessed for each payment, a partial payment is not eligible for any applicable discount, and the taxpayer has the responsibility to ensure that the remaining amount due is paid. Any remaining balance that is not paid before April 1 becomes delinquent and must be paid in full.

Any taxes not paid in full in one of the Tax Collector offices by 5 p.m. on the last business day in May will result in a tax certificate (tax lien) being issued on the parcel.

To submit a partial payment, please complete and mail the partial payment affadavit with your payment.

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